Atelier by Mintstudio designs an annual collection of limited edition prints. Every collection has the atelier and its artist as the inspiration.

In the third collection we celebrate the Irish born, modernistic designer and architect, Eileen Gray. She had exceptional contrariness as a woman and as an artist, being able to create and reinvent herself and put on new roles for new projects. She designed spaces that were flexible, impermanent and responsive to the demands of the moment and she was acknowledged for her ‘unique gift for turning the practical into the poetic’.

The limited edition prints are made from original paintings with watercolours, gouache and acrylic paint. The paintings are then hand cut and made into a motif.

All motifs are signed by Atelier by Mintstudio.

The prints are printed on Munken Lynx 240 gr, uncoated in Denmark.

Cecilie Svanberg, is the head designer for Atelier by Mintstudio. She is also an art director and graphic designer for her own studio, Mintstudio where she specializes in advertising, editorial and branding assignments, working with everything from concept through to execution for small and large scale companies. Cecilie is known to add a personal creative touch to her graphic solutions which are anchored in her belief that beauty lies in the detail.